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Current Version 1.0.11
Rating 1.5
Requires Android 7.0 and up
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Updated At April 7, 2021
Size 17M
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Horoscope & Astrology & Palmistry APK is a Entertainment App by ACTİVE GAMES YAZILIM HİZMETLERİ LİMİTED ŞİRKETİ. Latest version of Horoscope & Astrology & Palmistry is 1.0.11 which comes with several changes and improvements.

Have your palm read to determine yourself a direction! Also find out what awaits you, looking at your daily horoscope reviews! Discover the effects of stars and planets on you; realize yourself accurately! Find out not only about yourself, but also about what is happening around you through the palmistry app!
Anymore your life will be more understandable thanks to the palmistry app! Remember, your palm lines show your character immediately! Each person is known to have their own palm line. Therefore, thanks to the personalized hand horoscope application, you can do your own character analysis at an effective level! Thus, you can make effective decisions even when planning for the future!
Features Of Palm Reading Application
Get ready to meet the perfect comments thanks to the advanced palmistry app! Here are the features of the palmistry app that we have developed specifically for you:
-> Read the most accurate predictions with one click
-> Analyze your palm lines at an effective level
-> Choose the profession that best suits you at an effective level
-> Find accurate answers to the mysterious questions you ask about life
-> Get accurate information about which people you are more compatible with
-> Don't miss the opportunities that await you in the future thanks to accurate palmistry
-> Start learning accurate information about your own horoscope sign now
-> Read clear comments about the future thanks to our palm scanning system
-> Accurately discover your own real-life goals
-> “What's waiting for me today?” Read the correct answers immediately when you ask
-> Find out now how your zodiac sign affects your personality
-> Start reading clear and accurate comments about love, health, money and friendship now
-> Read the true meaning of the lines in the palm of your hand with accurate comments
-> Make significant gains in understanding yourself through inspiring comments
What Will You Find In This App?
In the palmistry app, you will find excellent and accurate reviews to set your own goals! With your palm lines, you will meet an effective palm reading application! By reading accurate predictions thanks to the palmistry application, you will recognize yourself at an effective level! After the process of scanning your palm, you will read the most accurate comments by synthesizing many different analyses!
You will read the correct comments in the process of giving meaning to both yourself and those around you. So by effectively recognizing yourself; you will move on to your existing potential! Thanks to the advanced comment application, you will also get a large number of important data that will add meaning to your life. Remember, palmistry will make you discover features you never knew about. In addition, you can also find daily horoscope comments in our app!
Once you start using our app, your palm will be scanned at an effective level immediately. After that, you can reach all your palm reading comments in 15 minutes! In this way, you will analyze your own character at an effective level! Remember, the application of palmistry feeds on the knowledge that has emerged in the process from the past to the present. Thus, it always brings you accurate comments! Come on, have your palm read and see your future!