September 15, 2018

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Basic in education and learning school 3D APK is a Adventure Games by Steven Matthewsstudio.TTL. Latest version of Basic in education and learning school 3D APK is 1.3.2 which comes with several changes that you can see in the What's New section below. We at provide Original APK apps and games with direct download links. You can download Basic in education and learning school 3D 1.3.2 APK from the download section.

Welcome to Basic in education and learning school 3D most version new.

Basic in education and learning school 3D is very important to all of us. We are introducing the most interesting things to you.
With basics in education and learning, you will learn the basics of Math, numbers, colors, shapes. Basics, you will master all the baldis basics informations.
New Application Basic in education and learning school 3D in education and learning for children is a perfect educational application (basic learning application) specially for you!
Basic in education and learning school 3D is the learning environment is fun and enjoyable, most adapted to all generations.
Basically you have to choose the type you want to study (counter on the store where there are so many basically for education difficulties and study is great and lovely.
And practical teachers to teach you basic education and learning. Solve puzzles and basic answers
The question is exactly to reach the next level. Do not forget that time is running out and you need it
Reach out to teachers for educational puzzles. Faced with lots of challenges and puzzles as this game is all about
answer the basic learning question.
Basic Learning for Kids
Challenge yourself to the most basic educational puzzle to solve. Solve the questions in the puzzle
Color, number, shape, car, month, etc.), and you will find what you want to learn with sound and sound.
Time for an angry school teacher ready to beat on a single wrong answer. Play Educational and learning games and fun. Learn to solve basic educational puzzle games. Friend
Study in this basic education school to solve basic puzzles.
Study and educate correctly and run out of school immediately when he is very strict. You are in class.
How to play:
- Learn basics of Baldis and go through all his tests.
- Solve Teacher's problems in the notebook.
- Find a way out of the school of horror, basics are very important.
- Excellent 3D graphics
- 3D sound
- The basic educational environment
- Simple basic educational puzzle questions