June 13, 2018

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Thanos Superhero Battle:Infinity Alliance War Game APK is a Action Games by Game Brainers. Latest version of Thanos Superhero Battle:Infinity Alliance War Game APK is 1.0.1 which comes with several changes that you can see in the What's New section below. We at provide Original APK apps and games with direct download links. You can download Thanos Superhero Battle:Infinity Alliance War Game 1.0.1 APK from the download section.

Immortals Fight of Thanos vs Infinity Superhero warriors’ Clash

Do you know Thanos? How strong is Thanos? Want to have the experience of thanos infinity battle against revengers power alliance? Thanos is the green monster anti-hero with infinite super power, he is fighting against the other immortal superhero avangers alliance to collect all the infinity stones to gain unlimited, infinity powers. Here you are with this monster destructor antihero thanos in the future war of immortals superheroes including black wild panther, Super spider web hero, micro ant superhero man, superhero captain spider, Bulk monster hero, hammer hero, widow black super female hero, iron revenger hero, superhero captain marvelous and other infinity superheroes. Play this new superhero games battle of mortal superhero alliance between captain marvelous super army and thanos infinity stones superhero fight in alliance war games.

Play as Anti-hero in Infinity Stones Destruction War

All superheroes are fighting the infinite war of survival striving for thanos death and keeping thanos ending the universe. Be the real superhero as an antihero green monster in superhero future fight of immortal superheroes in this best superhero games and new hero games for 2018. You are in as superhero immortal fighter the monster thanoz against the revenger alliance warriors in the superhero future war of fight to survive against the mortal hero iron hero man super army in the immortal superhero free game of 2018.

Objective of Superhero Future Battle Fight

Objective of this infinite survival is to collect all the infinity stones to gain the ultimate power and become the immortal future hero. The game have mission based organization where you have to kill and decapitate at least one real superhero carrying infinity stone and snatch that infinity to fix into your gauntlet. All famous and marvelous superheroes in the war of allies and immortal future battle are fighting for infinite survival as a super army warriors to fight against the marvelous villains thanos by containing the thanos infinity firepower. You are there to fight in the real superhero battle of alliance war of avanger strengthening your gauntlet with infinity stones which are Mind Gem (mind stone), the Soul Gem (the soul stone), the Space Gem (the space stone), the Power Gem (the power stone), the Time Gem (the time stone) and the Reality Gem (the reality stone).

Infinity Gems, Infinity Stones

The Infinity Gems are, originally referred to as Soul Gems now known as Infinity Stones, six immensely powerful supernatural fictional gems which are theme of this new superhero game. Whoever holds and uses all the six Gems gains the omnipotence and omniscience rendering ultimate powers to destroy all the stars of universe.

Unlimited Future hero fighters

Fasten your belt get ready to fight the superhero spider web hero, superhero captain spider, ant hero man, black wild panther superhero, super hammer hero, widow black green arrow, captain marvelous, American captain USA, flash superhero, monster bulk hero, Green monster antihero, superhero iron superhero in this real superhero games. Be the Monster infinity thanos on the battlegrounds of fight to survive infinite war against the monopoly of marvelous bad guys. Fight the war of mortal hero and immortal superhero gods, prevent thanos death in super spider games and spiderweb hero games and future hero battle games.

Play This Best Superhero Game and Forget others

Play this thanos vs iron hero man, wild panther black hero vs green monster antihero, superhero captain spider vs gauntlet hero, Captain marvelous vs infinity stone hero giant and micro ant hero man vs immortal superhero gods giant stone hero game. You will forget about the Jail escape prisoners games, red skulls thanos power games, future city jail adventure games, prison breakers and jail break games, immortal superhero free games.

What's New in Thanos Superhero Battle:Infinity Alliance War Game v1.0.1

  • Minor Bugs fixed...
  • Performance Improvement..