Genesis Browser | Private & Secure

Current Version Build | Dark-Origin 1.2
Rating 3.6
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Content Rating Everyone
Installs 4,365+
Updated At June 2, 2021
Size Varies with device
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Genesis Browser | Private & Secure APK is a Communication App by Genesis Hidden Technologies. Latest version of Genesis Browser | Private & Secure is Build | Dark-Origin 1.2 which comes with several changes and improvements.

Genesis Browser- Private & Secure app is one of the top search engines for android that allows you to search the internet anonymously and go through the hidden web effortlessly.

If you are looking for privacy browsers for android to browse anonymously while keeping your info secure, this private web browser is your right choice. The built-in search engine of this hidden web browser lets you access hidden web easily. The prime features of our private internet browser is anonymity and security. If you have used secure internet browser such as Tor browser for android, you know how safe browsers can unblock all websites as well as keep your data protected. We have brought you one of the best alternative browsers you can use to browse privately and access anything on the internet without worrying about third-party trackers and hackers. This dark web browser will keep your IP hidden with multiple layers.

Key Features of Genesis Browser | Private & Secure:

Built in Search Engine

This secure web-browser has its own built-in search engine so you can open censored websites along with searching hidden websites. If you are looking for private search engine apps that can search anything in the dark web such as, onion web browser, our deep web browser is the solution for you. Through this dark web browser, surf through the hidden web securely & instantly.

Unblock All Websites

Looking for search engines for android that will let you unblock any blocked content on the web? Install our secure web browser app for android to access all censored websites with one tap. This browser privacy app allows you to watch your favorite movie, show, or content without any hindrances. If you are looking for a VPN browser private or incognito browser for android, this VPN dark web browser is the one best suited for you.

Keep Your Presence Anonymous

Our private internet access app changes your IP and masks your presence online with multiple layers. While browsing various websites on the internet, our valuable information becomes vulnerable. Third-party hackers and trackers can hack our data anytime. With this private browser or secure web browser, you can keep yourself anonymous and surf the web limitlessly without fearing hackers.

Free for Everyone

If you are looking for privacy browsers free, or browsers free to go through the hidden web without spending money, our one of the best private browser apps will delight you big time. Our top browser is absolutely free of cost. You don’t have to spend a single penny to install this free browser and for secure browsing.

Stop anyone from peeping your website activities using this secure browser. Keep your private browsing secure, unblock content that is hidden in your country, watch all shows around the world and enjoy one of the best browsers for android.

Install Genesis Browser- Private & Secure app on your android device, securely browse the internet, search through the hidden websites and enjoy the best free browser ever!


Genesis Browser- Private & Secure app is not associated with any websites or content. We have made an individual browser for everyone to protect their privacy and keep their data safe. This free app is solely dedicated to online freedom, people’s protection for tracking, surveillance, and censorship. If you are further questions, kindly contact us.

Thank you for downloading Genesis Browser!