Current Version 1.2.3
Rating 1.9
Requires Android 4.3 and up
Content Rating Mature 17+
Installs 1,369+
Updated At July 26, 2017
Size 29M
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TRASOL APK is a Sports App offered by Desert Tech LLC. Latest version of TRASOL APK is 1.2.3 which comes with several changes and improvements.

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**KNOWN ISSUES** We have discovered that the latest android engine causes an issue with some users not being able to get past the initial screen. This is due to the new way permissions are authorized. To fix this, you will need to go into your phone’s app settings, locate Trasol and manually allow all required permissions. We are working on an update to address this issue.

Required Permissions:
• Camera: This is needed for the HUD display.
• Location: This is required for auto accessing atmospheric conditions and altitude.
• Microphone: This is for recording shots.
• Storage: This is required to save pictures and rifle / bullet profiles.
All permissions can be set to only use while app is in use.
Thank you,
Trasol development team

Stop adjusting – Start hitting.
Utilize the most effective ballistic app ever invented. Simple, intuitive and now integrated with smart sensors. With a tap of the icon you can calibrate density altitude, Coriolis, cant and slope in real-time. Fully integrated with our new heads-up-display it enables you to capture video, snapshots and moving target speed tracker.

Get the complicated data out of the way and just shoot. This app will provide you with accurate information as far as you can shoot. Capable of predictable impacts beyond 1500 meters.
TRASOL embeds the proprietary ballistic engine developed by the most advanced firearm company in the world, Desert Tech. Every aspect of TRASOL was built to assist the shooter with ease, the highest probability of first-round hits.

New features:
A) Heads-Up Display
B) Smart sensor data
• Stability & spin drift calculation
• Coriolis (Automatic)
• Density Altitude calculation
• Cant (Automatic)
C) Moving target speed tracking
D) Photo/video capturing with image zoom

HEADS-UP Display – View your target and all of your ballistic data in one screen. Use simple icon tools to set range and wind, let the onboard sensors calculate the rest of your ballistic information. Allows you to track moving target speed directly on the interface. You can also record video or photo of your shots to share. By using your mobile device’s built-in camera and onboard sensors, TRASOL allows users to point their device at their target and automatically generate absolute accuracy solutions.

REFINED ACCURACY – Using our proprietary algorithms; TRASOL is the most accurate ballistic calculator on the planet. No more need to alter manufacturers bullet data to get your hits. We developed new algorithms according to Doppler radar data to create the most predictive flight path possible.
INTUITIVE INTERFACE – TRASOL was built with precision and speed in mind, in order to accomplish this, it had to be simple and un-cluttered. You will find it is very easy to use and intuitive; eliminating unnecessary steps.
• Single screen ballistics entry point. This allows shooters to easily input and verify all variables to ensure an accurate shot.
• Visual Icons allow quick recognition and clarity of fields
• Large button layout for use with gloves.

You want the benefit of advanced accuracy tools, and TRASOL automatically activates these tools as needed to simplify actions by the user. These tools can be activated or deactivated:
• Automatic stability & spin drift calculation
• Coriolis
• Automatic Density Altitude calc.
• Multi-wind Bands
• Cant
• Tracking of cold bore
• Tracking of zero settings
In live-fire testing of TRASOL’s predations the following results were documented:
(.338LM ammunition and strictly using manufactured published data)

Within 0.1 MRAD up to 1400 yards
Within 0.5 meters up to 1700 yards
Within 1.1 meters at 2200 yards

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