Current Version 1.26
Rating 0
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Content Rating Everyone
Installs 7+
Updated At May 6, 2021
Size 4.5M
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DoDiceagon APK is a Board Game by XLNTime. Latest version of DoDiceagon is 1.26 which comes with several changes and improvements.

A Fun New Board Game to try
- Try before you buy: Play a few rounds for free at Dodiceagon.Com!
Try to beat the CPU – but be warned - it’s a strong player!
Play a relaxed game in Solitaire mode…
…Or push to fill in your board in record time with the fewest rolls
Basic instructions are built in, along with an animated tutorial
Fill in your dodecagon - a twelve-sided polygon - first to win!
The board is made up of six sets of three polygons:
- A red triangle, a green square, and a blue triangle.
The three colored dice align with these shapes.
Touch the dice each turn to roll them:
- You need at least a matching Pair to fill in any slots.
- For instance, if you roll a red 3 and a blue 3, you can touch the inner and outer triangles of the 3rd set to fill them in.
- A Three Of A Kind is even better: Fill in up to three blanks!
- The 4th die, the DoDiceagon, is wild - IF it shows a symbol.
- Use it to make a Pair or even a Three Of A Kind!
- A DoDiceagon also activates a Straight (1,2,3; 2,3,4; 3,4,5 etc.)
- It even turns a 3 of a Kind into a Three's Wild: Use it as any 3 of a Kind you want!