Easy English Dictionary Offline Voice Word Meaning

Current Version 1.2
Rating 4.4
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Updated At February 9, 2021
Size 30M
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Easy English Dictionary Offline Voice Word Meaning APK is a Education App by Keyboard Mania11. Latest version of Easy English Dictionary Offline Voice Word Meaning is 1.2 which comes with several changes and improvements.

This Free Advanced English Dictionary Offline Pro App 2021 without internet is the best easy dictionary for people who want to learn English word meanings, pronunciation, synonyms and communicate in English effectively. The app is an offline advanced English dictionary with all language translation and definitions as well as camera translation feature to help translate English into any language. There are various features of this offline advanced English dictionary.

Fast English Voice Dictionary – The primary feature of this new free offline English dictionary pro app is the English voice dictionary feature with pronunciation without internet. Now you don’t have to type words to find their meanings, rather, you can simply speak English word and get its meaning.

This extended English voice dictionary module comes with an offline thesaurus, synonyms as well as a notification for the word of the day. In this advanced English dictionary you can find meanings of all the English words, listen to their pronunciation and get them translated into any language.

Quiz of the Day – To test your English language learning, the new and easy free dictionary pro app offers Quiz of the day feature. It is a question and answer based quiz. In quiz of the day, you can test your English where you get a new English word everyday and you have to select the correct meaning of the English word. This way you can learn English at a far greater pace without internet.

Voice Translator – This fast offline advanced voice English dictionary pro app 2021 is not just an offline dictionary with pronunciation, rather it also comes with a voice translator. In this voice translator feature you can speak English and turn it’s input into translation of any language. You have all the languages of the world available for translation of English voice input. The voice translator feature is also beneficial for translating meanings of difficult words of other languages.

Speak and Translate – Easy Advanced English voice dictionary pro offline also comes with the feature of speak and translate any language and listen to its pronunciation. If you are not an English language speaker, you can speak in any other language and get it translated into English or any other language for the sake of communication.

Camera Translator – The cherry on the top feature of this new pro offline English voice dictionary pro app is the camera translator. Let alone speaking or writing English, with this feature you can simply select a text and translate it into English or any other language. The camera translator takes input in Latin script language and then translates into any selected language. The camera translator feature can also be used as camera dictionary to find word meanings.

Voice Translate Keyboard – The voice translate keyboard is another amazing offering of this offline voice English dictionary app. The voice keyboard takes audio input and then allows you to translate input into your desired language before sending it in the message. The voice translate keyboard is a unique offering and helps you get rid of typing as well as translation in any language through some other language translator. The voice keyboard is highly beneficial in translating questions and answers in different languages.

The English word, meaning and definition translation feature in dictionary, the voice translator, speak and translate as well as voice translate keyboard supports English, Urdu, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Swahili, Bengali, Indonesian, Marathi, Telugu, Punjabi, Tamil, Turkish, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, Chinese (Mandarin), Portuguese, Hindi and all other languages of the world.

Download Advanced English voice dictionary offline pro app 2021 and camera translator now and learn English synonyms with thesaurus, speak English pronunciation, write English and find meanings of English words in all languages and translate English into any other language of the world without internet.