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December 07, 2018

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A Valiant Story-ACG APK is a Adventure Games by Gameview Game Studio. Latest version of A Valiant Story-ACG APK is 4.0.0 which comes with several changes that you can see in the What's New section below. We at provide Original APK apps and games with direct download links. You can download A Valiant Story-ACG 4.0.0 APK from the download section.

Available language: English, 中文,ไทย

is a Real 3D MMORPG Adventure Masterpiece mobile game. 5 majors Jobs, Lolita, The beauty, The Handsome and Uncle…. There is always one that can meet your needs! has high freedom in game style, battle and gameplay. The invigorating skills, the feel of real hit, stimulate boss dungeon and the exciting PK! Free trading system, Cute pet, Cool flying mount, Gorgeous wings & fashion…. It’s time to start a new journey!

【Game Features】
1. Team up and start adventure in the mainland

Can be teamed up with higher level player in the game, chat by voice chat, complete the task with and enjoy the mainland scenery. With two-person mount, make friends while enjoying the adventure.

2. Defeat boss, Passionate PK
Challenge BOSS to get powerful equipment, with innovative dungeon Creation Temple, Soul Train and so on, enjoy the gameplay of different mode. Want to prove your strength? Compete with friends from the mainland to win the highest honor in the arena.

3. Adorable pets, Go and catch it
There are also cute pets that you can freely capture in the game, accompany you in your adventure and fight along.

4. Unique Costume, Charming Wings
Bunch of sumptuous fashion, cool gentleman style, sweet and lovely bunny, cute Lolita dress, dress with your own style. There are also coolest wings to mix and match, improve combat power while enhance the charm.

5. Marriage System
Unique marriage system, create exclusive fashion for couples, unlock the new and exclusive marriage dungeon, marriage skills and wedding rings and unique couple Guardian Constellation.

What's New in A Valiant Story-ACG v4.0.0

  • Version update
  • 1.Soul beast system(soul beast combination,soul beast gear, soul beast skill, soul beast enchance )
  • 2.Soul beast Island(cross server)
  • 3.New maps(guild map, lv450 wild map)
  • 4.New job warhammer
  • 5.New Divine Pet system
  • 6.New seven day login events and vip exp reward
  • 7.Add Thai language
  • 8.Fixed known bugs.