September 15, 2018

Content Rating

EveryoneMild Fantasy Violence

Project Myriad APK is a Strategy Games by Jumpmen Gaming. Latest version of Project Myriad APK is 1.1.0 which comes with several changes that you can see in the What's New section below. We at provide Original APK apps and games with direct download links. You can download Project Myriad 1.1.0 APK from the download section.

Project Myriad is a tower defense strategy game. You build towers on a map of hexagons that will attack and defeat oncoming waves of enemies. Towers can be upgrade and some have varied upgrade paths. The goal is clear as many waves as possible.

7 Unique Towers
Choose from a variety of unique towers that target enemies in different ways. Want to flood your enemies with damage, Storm tower is what you want. Need an extra edge against the Starfish Boss wave, then the Missile tower has your back. Mix and match placement to find your ideal build configuration.

Varied Upgrade Paths
Some towers have upgrade paths you can take to increase their efficiency in battle!

Build a Maze
Each level allows you to weave an intricate maze to force enemies in the direction you want to, giving you more time to take them out.

Strategic Level Tiles
Each level map can contain any number of level tiles that add strategy to the game play. Try to avoid hazardous tiles like the lightning bolt tile that speeds up enemies, or maze all the enemies into the minus tile that will deal damage to the enemies for you.

Unlimited Waves
Each level has an unlimited number of enemies. How far can you get?

4 Unique Enemies
There are 4 types of enemies; Skull: Which is the basic Unit. Speedy: Which has slightly reduced health but increased movement. Carapace: Has increased health but when it hits half health you break it's shell and it tries to speed away. Starfish: This wave is just one Boss enemy with very high health.

What's New in Project Myriad v1.1.0

  • Mobile Release of Project Myriad
  • 7 Towers and 30 Unique Levels to maze your way through as you defeat unlimited waves of enemies.