The story takes place in...">
The story takes place in..."/>





October 11, 2018

Content Rating

TeenFantasy Violence

Detective Time APK is a Adventure Games by Kotov Vseslav. Latest version of Detective Time APK is which comes with several changes that you can see in the What's New section below. We at provide Original APK apps and games with direct download links. You can download Detective Time APK from the download section.

Detective Time is a game in the genre of "short interactive cinema".

The story takes place in an American town. A detective named Randy arrived at the crime scene, where the fishermen found the body of an unknown man in the lake. You need to look for clues, interview witnesses, interrogate suspects, break door locks and safes to figure out who the murderer is. The game has 4 different endings and the outcome will depend on your correct choice.

- Original plot
- Interactive story
- Investigate the murder personally!
- Background sound creates the unforgettable atmosphere