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September 14, 2018

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MaximusCycle APK is a Health & Fitness Apps by MaximusPayne. Latest version of MaximusCycle APK is 1.05 which comes with several changes that you can see in the What's New section below. We at provide Original APK apps and games with direct download links. You can download MaximusCycle 1.05 APK from the download section.

Bicyclist's utility app, designed by a bicyclist for bicyclists.

Trip Tracking - Integrated Google Map® view provides you with a view of your progress, and helps you to detour in confidence.

Routes(Races) - Route creator allows you to create routes and place checkpoints. Select the routes you create, and then chase your checkpoints! View the results of your run and compare it to other times you've run the route.

Bells and whistles! - Use theme based bells and horns, including quiet and loud versions, to replace the plain old boring standard bicycle bell. More themes will be coming through updates.

Movement sounds! - Fun sounds that are integrated with your phone's registered movement speed. Others will move out of your way as they hear your "galloping horse" approaching!

Media Controller Integration - It can be difficult to touch the buttons on the display of your phone while on a bicycle, even if you're using a bicycle handlebar mount. Trigger the warning bells of the app, and wake up your phone, instead with the physical button functionality of a Bluetooth® media controller.

Facebook® - Share the results of your trips directly to Facebook!

Active Development - Updates will be coming frequently to improve the functionality of the app, add more sound themes, and to add new features. I would love to hear from other bicyclists and users of my app, their suggestions and feedback on how to make it more useful to them. I started developing this app more as a tool for myself, and throughout it's development I've constantly rode with the app and have worked on tuning my design to making it efficient for bicycling. I will also be releasing a free edition of this app that will have ads. Follow my development page for progress updates!

What's New in MaximusCycle v1.05

  • Updating to production to publicly release on store.