Moon Lovers

Current Version 0.1.0
Rating 4.3
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Content Rating Mature 17+
Installs 1,041+
Updated At March 31, 2021
Size 155M
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Moon Lovers APK is a Role Playing Game by StarDust. Latest version of Moon Lovers is 0.1.0 which comes with several changes and improvements.

Try to find love and fun. Otherwise, what's the point? Moonlovers is a romance dating simulation game that gives you the opportunity to text, chat and even call the main characters while developing your own career as a surgeon.

In a world filled with superpowers, you'll meet vampires, witches, werewolves... and all the suspenses; you will experience a surgeon in training's whole growth process and get deeply involved with 4 male characters: genius heart surgeon, rich and handsome CEO, mysterious and amorous writer, glamorous rock star; Feeling their romance, love, mystery and conflict in a deep story spanning dozens of episodes.

Intriguing Storyline
The world of Moonlovers is full of mysterious superpowers. Here you will experience a unique combination of fantasy and romance. As the story unfolds, you will unravel the mysterious secrets about his and your own identities through dozens of episodes, a deep plot, and a passionate romance simulation.

High-quality Graphics
Ultra HD pictures, hundreds of delicate drawings, exquisite and excellent Live2D technology production, and all the CG will keep a record of every unforgettable moment between you and him.

Rich social features
Keep in touch with your love interest through messages, calls and social media. Chat with him via messenger and calls, and be the first one to comment on his online posts. You can even share your own moments and @ him.

Build your medical career
As a doctor of medicine and a surgeon, you will grow into an excellent doctor through continuous practice! Enjoy the glorious moment of your own, faith can move mountains! Spell your strength, taste success.

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