September 25, 2018

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Weather Challenge - No More Forecast Maps & Radar APK is a Weather Apps by Reality Games LTD. Latest version of Weather Challenge - No More Forecast Maps & Radar APK is 1.6.0 which comes with several changes that you can see in the What's New section below. We at provide Original APK apps and games with direct download links. You can download Weather Challenge - No More Forecast Maps & Radar 1.6.0 APK from the download section.

Become a new Local Forecaster! Challenge nature, compete against your friends and famous TV weather forecasters in the ultimate prediction clash. Weather Challenge lets you into the realm of the Forecast Genie, who will guide you with joy to the forecast competition!

Place a Bet, Compete to become the weather champion
You can place a weather bet for the coming 4, 8, 24 or 48 hours. Predict temperature, sky clouds and speed of wind. Whether you use your great premonition skills, have a back that indicates the future meteorological situation or just guess, is up to you!

A real jewel among weather apps
Do you dare to challenge nature itself in an epic clash for superiority? Make a local prediction and beat the official forecast with your wit, premonition or accurate guess! The question is: rain, sun, dark sky, light breeze? Or maybe a storm or even a hurricane or a tornado? The further you move from the predicted weather the higher the risk value of a selected prediction and so bigger your reward!

Challenge real life weather forecasters
Famous real-life TV channel’s presenters are ready to pick up the gauntlet and compete with you. Almost every country has its own forecaster known from the news, who prepares live local predictions. Agree with their forecast or bet against it, guessing what the weather will be! You really play against people you know from TV. No doubles. No other game lets you interact with famous TV channel’s personalities on such a level.

Compete with your friends and family
Does your local friend network dare to engage in a clash against you? Find out who the better weather forecaster is! Climb the ranking list and feel the joy of being the number one in your country or even the entire world!

So much more than the standard Weather Widget
Most of us are interested in nature and weather phenomena right after any extreme disasters (such as a hurricane or tornado), some of us check daily forecasts before leaving the house to prepare for possible rain. Before going on a trip, we check if there will be a storm. Follow the weather maps more actively, not just watching the news channel. We want to look at the sky, feel the wind, sensitize our own Radar.

Play an edutaining trivia quiz
Are you a funfact genie? Every 10 minutes question clouds dash through the screen with joy; catch them, answer meteo quiz-questions, win coins and have fun, learning a lot of meteorological curiosities in the process! You can also save your rewards for future predictions and speed up your progress.

Welcome to the new wave of mobile games...
High retention, low attention - that’s the motto of our new wave of games. Different than with standard clickers, you don’t have to spend a lot of time to play. Predict, place a bet and have fun with other activities like the quiz or… leave and come back in a few hours, when the set forecast period is over. Have fun regardless of your free time.

… and a lightning-fast weather app
And guess what! Weather Challenge surprisingly also allows you to… check your local forecast! With a 310 000 weather stations radar with live updates every 10 minutes, you can count on a fast and accurate network, wherever you are!

GPS-based, current weather tracker
We track weather maps using the live forecast from the meteorological station closest to your current location. When placing a bet, think about the time-shifted weather for the location you are in. Use proven folk methods of predicting the weather: if it is summer, extreme temperatures are afflicting for a long time, the sun shines like crazy, the sky is getting more and more navy gray, you can expect thunder and a more serious storm. So what bet should you place?

FREE TO PLAY - no purchases required
Now you can have the full Weather Challenge live fun experience without any need to spend real money.

Startup Weekend Audience Award! / Startup Weekend 2015 – 1st Place

Get Weather Challenge today and start your dash with the Forecast Genie NOW!

What's New in Weather Challenge - No More Forecast Maps & Radar v1.6.0

  • Added new Flash Bets mode that allows you to create bets that will be resolved in minutes just by taping your finger!
  • Improved translations
  • Moved bank to popup
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements

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