Sonic Boom Wellness

Current Version 5.1.2
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Requires Android 4.1 and up
Content Rating Everyone
Installs 100+
Updated At January 9, 2021
Size 815k
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Sonic Boom Wellness APK is a Health & Fitness App by SBW Mobile Dev. Latest version of Sonic Boom Wellness is 5.1.2 which comes with several changes and improvements.

When you dive in and play with the Sonic Boom app, you'll build better habits with just a few taps!

The Sonic Boom app is designed to inspire and support DAILY health-habit improvement. It’s a supplement to the Sonic Boom web application, offering on-the-go access to social-recognition tools, at-a-glance views of healthy activities and stats, and ample opportunities to hold yourself (and others) accountable to healthier behaviors. Most importantly, the app is meant to be lighthearted, fun, and socially charged – so go ahead and download it and let’s get to playing!

We'll be adding more of your favorite features (like Contests and Trackers) soon. In the meantime, have fun with these on-the-go activities:

- Catch people bein’ healthy on the fly (with photos!)
- Catch people bein’ UNHEALTHY with our fun new game, “Busted!”
- Post “Healthy Selfies” when you’re feeling extra accomplished (or Bust yourself when you slip up … then get back on track!)
- Add photos of yourself (and others!) doing Challenges-of-the-Day
- Log your Rewards activities and track your progress toward incentives/prizes
- Like and comment on photos with friends, view your activity stats and points earnings, and more!

Want some more info on each of the app’s main programs? Here you go!

CHALLENGE-OF-THE-DAY: Allows you to complete fun, simple health challenges – at work and at home – and share photos across your organization. You’ll earn points for completing, rating, commenting, and sharing photos on each of these energized health challenges.

ACTIVITY STATS: Allows you to track your validated physical activity by linking a wearable device to your Sonic Boom profile. If you have a Striiv device (including the Boomerang), Apple Watch, Fitbit, Jawbone, Garmin, or other popular fitness device or app, you can sync it to your Sonic Boom profile and view your stats within the app – including personal bests and daily averages.

CAUGHT YA BEIN' HEALTHY: Allows you to "catch" other members practicing healthy habits, and snap a photo in the moment to prove it. You can also post "Healthy Selfies," or share photos of your healthy meals. Caught Ya is designed to provide extra social support and culture improvement. Caught Ya recipients can choose to share their photos publicly to receive recognition and support from others (or choose to keep them private if sharing is not desired).

BUSTED: Similar to Caught Ya, our new “Busted” game allows you to catch other members doing something...ahem...NOT so healthy. The recipient can share the temporary setback publicly, acknowledging that it’s okay to “slip up” or indulge every now and then (as long as we make up for it later!). Self-busting is also encouraged to hold yourself accountable to healthier behaviors!

REWARDS: In addition to feeling healthier and happier, you may also be eligible to earn some cool rewards for engaging in healthy activities (or for achieving certain milestones within the program). And you can track ‘em all in the Sonic Boom app! You can quickly view your at-a-glance progress on the main Rewards page, click into each category to view additional details and instructions, and even log your activities and upload proof if required.