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January 14, 2019

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Everyone 10+Fantasy Violence

Dragon Overseer APK is a Role Playing Games by Skill to Win. Latest version of Dragon Overseer APK is 1.3.6 which comes with several changes that you can see in the What's New section below. We at provide Original APK apps and games with direct download links. You can download Dragon Overseer 1.3.6 APK from the download section.

Launch price for the first 100 players!

0% Pay to Win
There are no micro transactions within Dragon Overseer, like the old days, you pay one price and the adventure is yours!

0% Time to Win
Amount of time spent in the game is irrelevant, its all about how well you use your dragons replenished points (turns) to become stronger. this means that you can become number one AND keep your job.

100% Skill to Win
Whether it's from lightning reflexes or deep strategy, your skill determines your Dragons Power!

Play only when it suits YOU without missing out on anything!
A game should never feel like work, -"oh no, I have to login to get the daily bonus", I respect the gamer and their lives, the top player can take a long break and then come back, spend his turns and still get back on top. The server will store your excess turns while you’re gone.

New players will catch up to the veterans!
New dragons get an increased replenishment rate which lasts till you have caught up. Meaning that, if you play wisely and skillfully you can become the master in just a few months.

Explore your own uniquely generated massive world
Every player gets their own unique world to explore, meaning no online guides can show you where to find the best locations, its all up to the player!

Unique Genetics
All dragons are created differently, meaning its up to you to figure out how to best feed your dragon.

Specialize in 21 Attributes
Every time your dragon reaches a higher level, you are rewarded with points which you can freely distribute to empower the dragon in whatever way you want.

Tactical turn based battles with original game mechanics
Unleash your dragons powers with elemental breathing skills and advanced spells in a turn based battle except with a twist! Both dragons play their turn simultaneously! Use rare skills such as Amaterasu or Wishmaster's Pact to suit your play style weather that be aggro, control or combo!

Unique deck of skills
Dragons start out knowing only what their mother taught them, but by exploring the world and defeating mighty boss dragons in battle, you can learn their skills by draining their souls, and thereby creating your own unique set of skills.

Train your dragon in a classic side-scrolling challenge.
Fly into the cloud of immigrating wyverns, your skills determines your score and your score determines how much the dragon learns.

Player vs Player Arena
In the Arena you challenge other dragons who spent roughly the same amount of turns as you have, making it fair however far you've progressed in the game. if you're awesome, you will win, simply as that.

Ranking in the Hall of Fame
There are three categories: PvP, Score and Power, the top 5% best dragons are rewarded special skin colors.

Unlock Genetic Traits
By combining different foods, you can unlock many genetic traits that empowers the dragon and if you can figure out how to recreate the results, you can make the traits even more powerful!

Customize your dragons appearance
Personalize your dragon by combining patterns and colors in whatever ways you want.

4 Elemental affinities
Specify your dragons elemental affinity, choose Fire, Frost, Light or Darkness.

Be part of the development
I’m building a strong community with the first bunch of devoted players that can appreciate my vision and wish to enhance the game by giving feedback and contributing their own ideas. If you like being a part of the enhancement progress, you've found the right game.

A game to come back to for many years...
Do you have any questions about the game, don’t hesitate to visit our discord channel and perhaps I or another player can provide you with some answers!
Device recommendation: Nexus 4 or faster

What's New in Dragon Overseer v1.3.6

  • New For 1.3.X
  • *MAJOR Overall Enhanced Performance!
  • *Freezes and Crashes solved
  • *Mode Loading&Closing times reduced by up to 85%!
  • *Bugs reported by community FIXED special thanks to the players!
  • *Reminder to register, preventing lost dragons
  • New for 1.3.6
  • *Colorized Buffed/Debuffed skillvals in Battle!
  • *Loading icon, despite getting data FIXED!
  • *Rare restart bug, when goin in and out of game fixed
  • *Rare Authentication bug fixed
  • A warm welcome to join the community of Dragon Overseer!