September 14, 2018

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Organic Compound Identifier Pro APK is a Education Apps by thieupepijn. Latest version of Organic Compound Identifier Pro APK is 2.0 which comes with several changes that you can see in the What's New section below. We at provide Original APK apps and games with direct download links. You can download Organic Compound Identifier Pro 2.0 APK from the download section.

Draw an organic compound/molecule and this app will give you it's name according to the IUPAC nomenclature conventions.

Capable of handling straight and monocyclic compounds. Also halogen and alcohol functional groups can be drawn and named.

Coming soon: support for bicyclic (spiro, fused and bridge) compounds.

Coming soon: support for compounds containing nitrogen, such as amines and amides.

Disclaimer: I have done my utmost best to ensure an accurate name for each possible drawing. However I am just a simple computer programmer, not a chemistry professor, so 100% accuracy for all possible drawings is not guaranteed. If you come across a drawing with an inaccurate name please mail me a screenshot and the name you think it should be.

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What's New in Organic Compound Identifier Pro v2.0

  • new user-interface