Traffi Hunter
Version 1.3.5
Rating 4.7
Requires Android 2.2 and up
Content Rating Everyone
Installs 616,097+
Updated At July 29, 2016
Size 4.7M
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Traffi Hunter 1.3.5 APK is a Travel & Local App offered by BubokSoftware. This version comes with several changes and improvements. You can download Traffi Hunter 1.3.5 APK by clicking the button below.


Smart solution for smart drivers for smartphones!

Did you know that state-of-the-art speedboats can measure cars from 2 kilometers away? And did you know that a speeding fine can be as high as $ 300,000? Want to save yourself unnecessary expenses? Then try our traffipax alert app! Its regularly updated database includes all speed cameras published by the police, the installed measuring points and the locations of the measurements reported by the users, as well as the location of the reported technical inspections.

How is our application different from other similar apps?

Our service here is not over yet! Numerous little things make our program special and lovable! We have made it possible for you to install the app on the memory card so it does not take up any space in your phone's memory. Our constantly expanding list of POIs contains many points that can be useful for you to navigate to if needed. Here you will find fast food restaurants if you are hungry, car services if you have something under the hood, gas stations where you might be hanging out, National Tobacco Shops if you want to smoke and many other useful points.

A number of technological innovations have been included for ease of use. In landscape mode, you can hide the menu bar so you can see the map, lists, or even settings in full screen. Traffi Hunter not only chimes but talks! If you detect a speedbox within a three kilometer radius, it will communicate verbally, so you are not going to stop it because you have received an SMS. In the settings you can set the alarm distance (narrowing the monitored area to 100 meters using "City mode"), the alarm mode, and the categories to be reported.

Turning on the Continuous Screen mode prevents the screen from darkening, so you can check the position of any speedboats in your area at any time. By pressing the Refresh database button, the application will also know the locations of the measurements reported by the users who have been added to the list. Use the Info button to display a detailed description of the program and instructions for use (it is recommended to read it before first use!) Last but not least, we do NOT log your position! DO YOU KNOW that most similar apps (social navigation, trafficpax alerts) keep track of where you go? Keep it your secret!

We are the first in Hungary to report on KPM inspections, so you can check in time to see if your vehicle is technically OK.

We believe that with the truck community we make the most up-to-date and accurate road information available.

But deeds should speak rather than words!

Download Now Traffi Hunter so no fine is the last check in the glass!

Updating the data and using the map view will result in data traffic! The app works without an internet connection.

Continuous GPS usage quickly drains your phone's battery, so using a car charger is recommended!

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