Idle Oil Capitalist

Current Version 1.0.2
Rating 2.2
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Content Rating Everyone
Installs 2,986+
Updated At November 20, 2020
Size 32M
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Idle Oil Capitalist APK is a Simulation Game by TXY-Game. Latest version of Idle Oil Capitalist is 1.0.2 which comes with several changes and improvements.

Various fossils are waiting for you to collect
There are also unexpected gains in the mysterious mine
The production of airplanes, cars, and computers is all but the products.
Can also explore Mayan ruins
Experience the advancement of the times
Welcome to start your oil empire and become the richest man in the world!

Enjoy a variety of gameplay
-Time report: This gameplay will automatically detect the advantages and disadvantages of your current era, and give a reasonable plan to lead you to a more reasonable and healthy development.
-Processing plant: A variety of things can be produced in the processing plant, such as nuclear submarines, nuclear bombs, airplanes, etc., and improved functions can be selected to reduce the time consumed in production
-Research Institute: Research the follow-up value of various commodities, increase the selling price of the commodity or upgrade the production process, there are some unexpected effects
-Hot-air balloon airdrop gameplay: The sky floats over the hot-air balloon from time to time, and clicks will drop a variety of exotic products to help players develop more happily
-Futures gameplay: the lofty wisdom of exchanges, the win-win situation of wealth creation, futures wins and losses, it all depends on how the players operate, I heard that someone got rich overnight.
-Order gameplay: A bridge to communicate with other countries, major countries will release various demand tasks, and the rewards are very generous.
-Illustrated gameplay: satisfy all collectors, collect various products and get rich rewards
-Playing in the era: every time you complete a task in the era, you can unlock the new era's functional gameplay. More interesting content looks forward to your exploration
-Postbox gameplay: from time to time, other countries will send transaction requests, exchange for goods, and exchange of rare resources waiting for you to discover!

Dig oil wells, improve processing plants, receive orders, conduct research, upgrade transportation stations, hire professionals, and step by step will make you rich!