Xayn Privacy Search Engine

Current Version 1.1.1
Rating 4
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Content Rating Everyone
Installs 60,682+
Updated At February 16, 2021
Size 90M
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Xayn Privacy Search Engine APK is a Tools App by Xayn AG. Latest version of Xayn Privacy Search Engine is 1.1.1 which comes with several changes and improvements.

Xayn is the search engine alternative for people who cherish their privacy and don’t want to give up top-level convenience.

We launched Xayn because we were tired of being stuck between a privacy-sucking search engine such as Google, yet the privacy alternatives out there just didn't cut it for us. So we set out to combine the best of both worlds!

Xayn is beautifully designed and doesn’t look like your typical search engine. It’s also more powerful than any other privacy search engine out there. We emply edge AI to provide you search personalisation that makes you find faster the search results most relevant for you.

Get the good feeling that your privacy is being protected when you’re searching the web, while enjoying the full power and convenience of a truly great search engine.

_____________Feature Highlights_____________

Privacy Tech Made in Europe

Starting today, all of your search queries will stay private – forever! We’re making Europe's high privacy standards available to the world. The way Xayn works is very simple: Your data always stays with you – where it should be – and Xayn also lets you block any cookies and trackers from stalking you on the web.

Privacy by design – beautifully designed.

Searching online is a vital activity in our everyday lives, so a search engine needs to be visually gorgeous and intuitive. We prioritised that when designing Xayn: You'll increase your productivity by finding relevant information with speed and ease.

Introducing Search Swiping

Speaking of personalised: We believe in transparency over the algorithms! Using Xayn, you get to decide what search results are shown to you – not some secret, behind-the-scenes algorithm. For the first time ever, we make swiping available for web search! You now get to decide what's relevant to you and what isn't. Swipe through your search results and take back control!

Your Search Results

When it comes to search queries, we don't believe it's efficient to show the same search results to everyone. For example: When you search for 'Barcelona', you might want to see travel links, not football websites. That's why we employ edge AI to personalise your search results. We think that your search results should be as unique as you.

The top news stories for you

Xayn becomes your privacy gateway to the internet from the moment you open it. Our Home Screen is your personalised news feed with several news categories such as politics, business and finance, sports, fashion, lifestyle, and entertainment. As always, all of your news-reading history stays with you, with total privacy protection – as it should be!

Your bookmarks have never looked better

Bookmarking web content was never easier. Sort your search results into your personal folders and have them ready to go whenever you need them, and use previews to get quick overviews of what you’ve bookmarked. Sort, preview, go!

You don’t have to choose between privacy and convenience.

Go for both. Go Xayn.


We don't really believe in pledges. But we believe in judging firms based on their privacy policies! Here's ours! https://xayn.com/privacy-policy

For more tips on online privacy, AI and general web politics, check out our blog https://xayn.com/blog

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