알바천국- 알바 구인구직 포털서비스
Current Version 5.3.33
Rating 4.7
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Content Rating Everyone
Installs 11M+
Updated At September 28, 2021
Size 40M
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알바천국- 알바 구인구직 포털서비스 APK Download

알바천국- 알바 구인구직 포털서비스 APK is a Business App offered by 반지하 게임즈. Latest version of 알바천국- 알바 구인구직 포털서비스 APK is 5.3.33 which comes with several changes and improvements.

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From Alba Heaven's mobile app, check out the various Alba information including custom alba, regional alba, industry alba, short alba, brand alba, and alba map!

★ Alba Map and Alba ForU has become even more powerful! Alba Heaven App ★

[Main Features of Alba Paradise App]

1. Alba Heaven Home

We provide only the necessary information
- Local setting at home
- Custom Alba check available

2. Careers

Provide full recruitment of Alba Heaven
- Composition of menu grouped by each category
- Various job offers from local to customized alba

3. Talent Information

The bosses also provide a menu of talent information to identify and recruit talent on mobile

4. Alba ForU

Recommend only the announcement for you only!
By analyzing my inclination, I recommend a job announcement that is right for me.

5. Alba Story

I share my sympathy with everyone! Looking for friends! Mobile community service for worry-free counseling
- Alba review service where you can check reviews of places you want to visit.

6. Member Services

Personal information, support status, scrap and resume information at a glance
From company information to announcement management, applicant management, resume reading at a glance

7. Resume Registration

Registered resume optimized for mobile and more convenient

8. Registration

Registered to be more convenient mobile optimized

9. Membership

From sign-up to social sign-up, from individual members to corporate members
Anyone can become a member of Heaven.

★ 2018.03 '2018 Selected as No. 1 brand power of Korean industry (K-BP)
★ 2018.02 'Happy Contribution to 2018' (6th consecutive year)
★ 2018.01 Excellence in Employment Service Certification (2018-2020)
                     2018 Customer Impression Management Award (5 consecutive years)
                     2018 Consumer's Most Trusted Brand Award (7 consecutive years)
★ 2017.12 Smart App Awards 2017 eligible
                     The 14th WebEarth Korea Grand Prize
                     Seoul Video Festival 2017 Statue
★ 2017.09 '2017 Korea Consumer Confidence Representative Brand Award' (7 consecutive years)
                     '2017 Brand of the Year' (5 consecutive years)
★ 2017.07 'Internet Eco Award 2017 Grand Prize'
★ 2017.02 '2017 Happy Contribution to Social Contributions' (for 5 consecutive years)
★ 2017.01 'The Most Trusted Brand Target of 2017 Consumers' (6 consecutive years)
★ 2016.12 2016 Selected as '100 Best Companies to Work for Korea'
★ 2016.11 Awarded 'Best Prize' in PR image category of Korea PR
★ 2016.11 App Awards Korea 'App of the Year' (4 consecutive years)
★ 2016.09 Korea Consumer Confidence Representative Brand Award (6 consecutive years)
★ 2016.07 THE PROUD won the Best Value for Customer Value (4 consecutive years)
★ 2016.07 This year's brand target (four consecutive years)
★ Appreciation plaque of Minister of Employment and Labor 2016.05
★ 2016.03 Good advertising prize chosen by the people
★ 2016.03 Happiness Contribution to Social Contribution
★ 2016.02 Awarded the most trusted brand by consumers (5 consecutive years)
★ 2016.01 Grand Prize for Customer Impression Management (3 consecutive years)
★ 2015.11 2015 App Awards Korea App of the Year
★ 2015.11 Awarded 'Statue' of Korea Advertising Grand Prize
★ 2015.10 2015 Brand of the Year Award (three consecutive years)
★ 2015.09 2015 Korea Consumer Confidence Representative Brand Grand Prize (5 consecutive years)
★ 2015.07 2015 1st place in the part-time portal site selected by college students
★ 2015.06 2015 THE PROUD Won the Best Value of Customer Value
★ 2015.03 2015 Happy Grand Prize Social Contribution Grand Prize
★ 2015.02 Awarded the most trustworthy brand grand prize of consumers
★ 2015.01 Awarded the Grand Prize of Customer Impression Management in 2015

[App Access Permission Guide]
 - All rights requested by Alba Paradise app are optional access, and you can use the service even if you do not agree.

1. Location (optional): When selecting a region This is the permission required to select the current location and use the alba map.
2. Storage (optional): Permission for saving and registering pictures or files.
3. Camera (optional): This is the authority required when using Alba Manager QR Code.
4. Phone (optional): This is the right to use the service for relieved employment (real-time phone notification).

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