September 15, 2018

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Double Staff Lab FULL APK is a Education Apps by Michael Caden Pike. Latest version of Double Staff Lab FULL APK is 1.5.7-full which comes with several changes that you can see in the What's New section below. We at provide Original APK apps and games with direct download links. You can download Double Staff Lab FULL 1.5.7-full APK from the download section.

Double Staff LAB is a double staff spinning simulator. It can be programmed to do thousands of different double staff moves, from the simple to the super complicated. Isolations to 8 step caps to box anti-spin to... It's literally a very large amount of moves.

You can load one of 100+ patterns and then view them or modify them. These patterns come in two sets of terminology, VTG (Vulcan Tech Gospel) or OG (Old School). VTG is the default and the standard in North America. I prefer my OG terminology, cos I'm old. :)

In terms of modification, you can either modify both staffs at once, or for very detailed control, each staff individually. Controls range from the direction of the staff and the path of the hand, to the speeds of both, the shape of the hand path (usually a circle) to even where you 'grip' the staff.

It displays a 2D representation of double staff moves, to aid your spinning and learning. It has a fire trails mode: so that you can see what it'll look like before spending time learning it and a trails mode, mostly just because it looks cool. You can also slow down the motion of the staffs to understand it better, or you can just view one staff at a time.

You can save your patterns and also copy them to the clipboard, then either save them as text or share them.

In this, the Full version, there are several differences to the free version: No Ads, many many more patterns, having a custom saved pattern list, having extra visualization modes, working better on a tablet and on large phones, random pattern selection and the ability to completely customize each staff individually.

There is a guide online here:

It is so simple even a five year old can use it. (As long as that 5 year old is really good at double staff)

This simulator is on it's first full version, but it has been extensively tested by myself and Liam Gormley <- Big thanks to this guy.

What's New in Double Staff Lab FULL v1.5.7-full

  • Bug fixes and white text. WHITE TEXT

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