January 12, 2019

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God Of Saiyans : Infinite Battle APK is a Action Games by finatames. Latest version of God Of Saiyans : Infinite Battle APK is 1.8 which comes with several changes that you can see in the What's New section below. We at provide Original APK apps and games with direct download links. You can download God Of Saiyans : Infinite Battle 1.8 APK from the download section.

anyone who likes db fight games and dragon heroes fighter Z, sure will likes this game, you play as LEGENDARY SAIYAN the warrior of cosmos to save the universe and defeats all the villains from Z / KAI and GT verses , the problem is that the EVILE GOD of universe 13 send them to stop our hero (super goku), among these enemies there are well known villains such as golden frost, frieza, cell, blackgoku...and there are super ultra transformations taps as super sayian blue and green, rose, and golden form, and other super transformations of Dragon Bazz fighters .. The game is completely a fighting game . it is similar to tournament of super saiyans and warriors or you can say a royal battle or universe survival, collect more dragon coins and help the superhero of this game to fight many enemies at the same time in your way to victory and gains the ultimate energy ball.
God of Saiyans: Infinite Battle or you can call it ' Ultra Goku : infinite tournament' is a fan made game, which is inspired by loved GOKo. The villains and bosses in the game are the one of strongest characters in the franchise .you will be in a super-hero saiyan battle against more than 25 characters.

as you Collect more coins you get more skills like: Dragon power, Big Bang Attack, Super ultimate Ki Blast, Monkey King summon, Super enegry ball.. The more coins you collect by beating enemies the more skill you get in a shop inside game
ALSO there are Ultra saiyan transformations tap limit breaker,and ultra forms for villains like: golden cell, golden frost, Goku black.

---- Features ----
1-super saiyan transformations during battle
2-many super-characters
3-many skills in shop like dragon powers
- super energy
- saiyan rage
- ki ball / rage attack / combos...and other.
4-good 2D graphic for db, z pixel lovers
5-great and smooth control and movement
6-eyes catching graphic (retro graphic)
7- super transformations of D,B,Z
--others ...

What's New in God Of Saiyans : Infinite Battle v1.8

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