December 05, 2018

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ALARM BUTTON NIGERIA APK is a Lifestyle Apps by Alarm Button Nigeria Ltd. Latest version of ALARM BUTTON NIGERIA APK is 1.0 which comes with several changes that you can see in the What's New section below. We at provide Original APK apps and games with direct download links. You can download ALARM BUTTON NIGERIA 1.0 APK from the download section.

This Mobile app, provides contact details of Security Agencies (Police, Road Safety, Community Emergency Response Teams) and Safety Agencies ( Hospitals, Ambulance Services, Fire Safety Services) for people to call during emergencies, knowing the correct number to call will be the difference between life and death, we will also receive inquiries for vetting and background checks for people who are checking on matters in Nigeria to help prevent fraud and false representation aimed at defrauding or creating loses for unsuspecting persons globally. Restoring the integrity in Nigeria.
This Mobile app is a timely response to aid the Security agencies in information from citizens to help solve crime and also allows every resident to know the correct phone numbers of these Agencies' officers and call them to duty when in distress.
Your smart phone can help, a phone call or text, maybe the fastest way to notify the Authorities, or loved ones in the event of an emergency.
Bad things happen to good people and that is the way of life, but how you react or respond can make the difference, Prayers and thoughts are nice, but what else can you physically do to ensure your safety. Use Alarm Button.
Alarm button can help you in situations ranging from the slightly comfortable to the very dangerous situations of life and death.
This App will provide accurate addresses to Police Stations, Hospitals and Fire Stations, as well as provide road directions to these offices.
It will use GPS and Geo-location and provide the user with details of the nearest officer's phone numbers and Agency's office locations nearest to the user.
This app will allow users to view activities in a particular community using the live view segment to monitor crisis and riots or uprising as well as ceremonies wherever they are happening in Nigeria and this will also be useful to the Security Community.
we will also have an I-Witness segment for users to record video and take pictures of events of relevance to security and safety and upload same to the app for the attention of the relevant Agency.
The user also has the opportunity to store a phone number and be able to send an automated sms, and geo-location to a predetermined contact number for assistance.
We will also be of support and assistance to users to assist in rescue and medical evacuations.
It works across a wide range of devices and platforms and we are continually researching and improving on it and adding new features.


  • Latest Mobile Application for Security and Safety Issues in Nigeria and can be used worldwide with on ground support for services